10 Cloverfield Lane

Mary Favo, Contributor

The movie opens on a young woman, hurriedly packing up her belongings into a suitcase. Although she doesn’t speak, we are able to learn a lot about the main character just from the contents of her home. Scattered sketches of clothing and an engagement ring next to what we can assume are the keys to the apartment. She drives out of the city. A phone call from, “Ben” gives us bits of important information. She is running from her fiance and the argument that they had. This entire sequence sets up Michelle’s story arc. She is the kind of person who runs when the situation gets tough and doesn’t stick around to see the wreckage.

When a story opens in the middle of action it is called Media Res, this technique is a compelling way to suck the viewers into whatever action is driving the story. In 10 Cloverfield Lane, it is an easy way to insert exposition without dragging down the story. Especially in a story that is going to spend about an hour in a bunker, these few moments of action keep you on the edge of your seat. This psychological thriller keeps you guessing about the intentions of our three characters and what exactly is keeping them inside the bunker.

For those who saw the original “Cloverfield” film, you will find that this film is a sharp contrast to the 2008 story of five party goers trying to escape New York City in the midst of an alien attack. “10 Cloverfield Lane” focuses less on an alien antagonist and more how humans can be their own worst enemy. With an astounding performance by John Goodman, this movie goes beyond the typical horror film, leaving you haunted even after leaving the theater.


Student, Nick Scovil, had this to say about the movie, “I thought the movie was an amazing example of the modern day thriller. It contained the added bonus of the phenomenal acting by John Goodman, the like of which have not been seen since the ‘Big Lebowski’.”