What a Counselor Does-Mr. Morcomb Profile

Nicole Miller, Contributor

Not many people know exactly what a counselor does everyday. The counselors in our school do a great deal of behind the scenes work, but also get to see the big picture of what is going on in our school. You’d expect them to spend all day in there room, but that’s not necessarily true. They are in their room when they have meetings with students, but the rest of the day they are in learning labs, the lunchroom, different meetings, and they also enjoy connecting with other teachers in their classrooms. They are very busy and their day is unpredictable. They live by a google calendar, containing all of their scheduled meetings, plus some blank space for people who stop by when needed. One of our counselors Mr. Morcomb loves being a counselor and being able to connect with other students on a personal level.  


Mr. Morcomb doesn’t feel like there is much of a difference between a teacher and a counselor. They both are with students everyday and connect with them on some level. Mr. Morcomb says, “The greatest difference come in the training and mental health support.” Knowing from his personal experience, he believes it’s important to let people see who you are and talk to someone about what you are going through. He likes going beyond just the books in the classroom, and support students wherever they are at in their lives.
Counselors are like the teachers of the hallways. They are aware of everything going on and are always present. Even during the summer there is a counselor always here. Wednesday mornings at least one counselor is present to answer any questions about registration and courses. Every once in awhile when Mr. Morcomb walks into the teachers lounge, teachers will say “haven’t seen you in a while” or ask where he’s been. Counselors always have something important they’re working on or doing in the school. Mr. Morcomb showed me a brown, half eaten banana in his room and said, “This describes the counselor’s day perfectly.” They have little time to do anything, including eating. The best part about Mr. Morcomb and the rest of the counseling department is even though their days involve brown, half eaten bananas, it doesn’t bother them one bit because they love what they do.