Mr. Rod Teacher Profile

Will Hamilton, Editor

It is a rare thing for a teacher to be able to connect well with their students and make it a part of their life for a long time. Now in his 24th year teaching, Joe Rodriguez has done just that.

A lot has changed since he first started at the school, but for Mr. Rod, as most students like to call him, the most important thing is to not let it affect how he teaches because, “I can’t determine whether things are better or worse. Each year brings its own set of surprises and challenges.” Using this approach has led him to become greatly touched by this school in many ways, “My time as a teacher at TG has broadened the horizon of my worldview, increased the depth of my spirituality and ways I can enhance and cultivate my mentoring with students, and the ability to enhance my understanding and application of LaSallian education philosophy and spirituality.

Throughout his time with the school he has enjoyed leading and participating in many activities. His favorite memories from his time at the school will be coaching cross-country teams and leading countless extracurriculars. Teaching pickleball and ultimate disk will always be his favorites.

Many students are willing to say how much of an impact the Mr. Rod has had on their time at the school. In turn he recognizes the impact his students have had on him.