Uniforms : Beneficial?

Hannah Daley, Contributer

When someone hears the words “Private School”, one of the first things that comes to mind is uniforms. This raises many questions about uniforms – are they beneficial? Are they necessary for schools to have? Why do schools even have them? Many people may say that uniforms are unfair and restricting to a student’s style, when in reality it is simply a way to make things easier for students and even staff.

Many students who attend public schools find that they would be judged and teased for what they decide to wear. Senior Camille Lilleberg states, “I came from a public school with no uniform. Kids constantly would be judged on their outfits and the way they would express themselves. I like that TG has a uniform because there’s not much you can judge considering everyone is wearing the same thing. Also it’s a lot easier to get ready in the morning not having to worry about what I’m going to wear for the day because it’s already pretty much picked out. It’s just nice not having to worry about my wardrobe being judged because we all are wearing the same outfit.”

As Camille said, having uniforms results in less stress for students to figure out what they are going to wear every morning. Even on out of uniform days, one may find him or herself frantically looking in their wardrobes for an outfit in time.

Another very beneficial thing that comes with uniforms is saving money. With uniforms, students do not have to worry about spending money every few months for new outfits. Instead, they know that they will have their uniform ready for them. Camille says, “I don’t nearly spend as much money on clothes as I did with going to public school because I always felt like I needed new clothes, and I don’t have to worry about what to wear the next day because of the small selection we have which is nice.”

Uniforms can take away a little stress and worry out of a student’s life. With uniforms, there is less judgment on clothing, and overall give students confidence in their day to day lives at school.