Dodge For A Difference

Kyle Petersen, Contributor

With the normal stress of life, most people could use a way to blow off some steam. Maybe go for a run, hit the punching bag, or even better, throw some dodge balls at your friends. Why not play dodgeball and at the same time and raise money for a charity organization called Common Hope?

Dodge for a Difference is Totino-Grace’s annual dodgeball tournament where all proceeds go to Common Hope; a charity foundation that focuses on education. They believe that education is the key to reducing poverty. There are more ways to help Common Hope on their mission than just donating. You can sponsor a child, volunteer, join a vision team, participate in a school supply drive, or just spread the word.

Dodge for a Difference was started in 2006 and will be in its eleventh year this May. 2009 graduate Pierce Lubinski had the idea for the tournament as a way as having fun with the intention of raising money for the genocide in Rwanda. With the tournament growing every year, more money is being sent each time. Last year Totino-Grace raised $2500 for the Common Hope program. The tournament had thirty-seven teams last year and the number goes up every year.

Campus Minister Mr. Andrew Million talked to Eagle News Network about some of his favorite parts about Dodge for a Difference, “It’s just really cool when you can get 250 plus high school students here on a Sunday to play dodgeball and raise some money and everyone is having a good time. It also always makes me laugh when I see a senior guy get pegged.” Following this he ended with an invitation to everyone, every grade to come out on May 1st to raise money and have fun with friends for a good cause.