Haiti Mission Trip

Mary Favo, Contributor

On March 21st, 11 students and 2 Totino-Grace teachers will be traveling to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They will be staying in a Healing Haiti complex and will work with the organization and other volunteers to learn about the struggles of those in Haiti and will help with different programs.

Senior Delaney Finn elaborated on the different ways they will be volunteering in Haiti, “We will be going to orphanages, bring water to the poorest city, hand out Manapacks from Feed My Starving Children, go to mass, go to a market where women make jewelry out of inserting objects like cereal boxes to sustain their family, and visit a nursing home.”

When asked why she wanted to go to Haiti, Emily Jacobson said, “This trip and all the missions in Haiti are important to me, because we are not going to Haiti to change the people or their country. We are going to help the poor by giving them supplies and the tools they need to be able to build their communities up and try to improve the future of the country. These trips change the volunteers who go down, who will help spread the word about these trips in order to try and get more help for the people living in Haiti.”

There is currently a fundraiser in the school to raise supplies for those going on the mission trip. The class which raises the most “points” will receive an out of uniform day.  

Freshman Items Large bottles of Hand Sanitizer – 5 pts each, Children’s Ibuprofen – 4 pts a package, Composition books – 2 pts each, Wide tooth combs – 2pts each, Dried Fruit – 3 pts per package,Tootsie Rolls – 3 pts for large bag

Sophomore Items and Point Values, Large bottles of Hand Soap – 5 pts each, Adult Ibuprofen – 4 pts a package, Pens (blue, black, red) – 1 pt per pen, Soft Bristle Brushes – 3 pts each, Diapers – 5 pts per package, Hard Candy – 3 pts for large bag

Junior Items and Point Values, Large Container of Adult Multivitamins (NO Gummy) – 5 pts each, Large jars of Peanut Butter – 4 pts each, Bars of Soap – 1 pt per bar, Single serving applesauce containers – 1 pt each, Starbursts – 1 pt for single serving (vending machine size), 3 pts for large bag,Fruit Snacks – 3 pts for large box,

Senior Items and Point Values,Large Container of Children’s Multivitamins (NO Gummy) -5 pts each, Large pancake mixes and syrup bottles – 4 pts each, Small packages of hand wipes or sanitizers – 1 pt per package, Beef Sticks – 1pt each, Plastic Easter Eggs – 1 pt per egg, Gum – 2 pts per package.