Engineering Capstone Project

Hannah Daley, Contributer

Seniors Alex Proulx and Kourtney Shermoen have been hard at work for the past seven months on their capstone project. The project is a golf club that contains sensors to provide golfers information about their swing.

Alex’s passion for golf inspired her to do this project. She stated, “Being a golfer, I personally wanted to create a device that golfers could use instead of an indoor simulation system which costs money and is not very convenient. I would definitely use something that I could take a course that could measure certain aspects of my swing and ball placement on the club face. That’s where the idea started and we went from there figuring out what parts of a golfers practice swing we could focus on in an app and club system.

Their ultimate goal is, “for golfers to have more information of their golf swing without having to pay money to go to a simulator. We want them to have an easy access app on their phone to see their results,” says Kourtney.

Their most difficult challenge in this project is to connect the sensors on the club to the iPhone app they created. They will be testing their prototype many times so that the product will properly work for the users.

There was recently an open house that took place on March 13th where people could explore all of the projects that are being completed. Kourtney and Alex will also be giving a presentation along with the several other groups on April 10th.