Eagles Soar Past Huskies in Section 4AAA Quarterfinal Game

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January 10, 2017

Charlie Jacob ices the game with two free throws.

On Wednesday night, the Totino-Grace Eagles boys basketball team beat St. Anthony at home in what was in a physical game ending in a score of 66-61.

After being down in the second half by fourteen points, the chances of winning the game were bleak. Junior Rocky Kreuser caught a pass from sophomore Tyler Kittelson and put it in for a three point play after being fouled in the process. This play started a chain of offensive and defensive plays over a span of five minutes, which slowing ate away at St. Anthony’s lead until the the Eagles and Huskies were tied. The last few minutes were, just like the rest of the game, a physical battle. The Eagles beat the Huskies by five points with a final score of 66-61, with junior Nathan Kavolak leading the Eagles scoring twenty-three points.