Why we need to save the Bees!!

Why we need to save the Bees!!

Lemane Namarra , reporter

Bees benefit our agricultural economy in more ways than one. Some crops are solely dependent on bee pollination, and with the decreasing number in the bee population, our agriculture economy will be impacted. Without bees, we will have to find new ways of pollination.

Bee pollination produces more of a profit because it is more effective. Bees are more efficient when it comes to the pollination of crops. The decrease in bees will lead to difficulty in pollinating crops on time for the harvest and lead to a loss of some crops not being produced to their fullest potential. If crops don’t reach their full potential, there is a great loss of profit, which will not only affect the producer but also the consumer. Bee pollination has a much greater impact because they are more effective and able to produce more of a profit. If the bees keep dying off at the rate they are right now not only will the price of producing the crop increase but also the price of purchasing it.

Bees also are an important pollinator because some crops are dependent on bees and cannot be pollinated by other insects.  If crops do not have the pollination from bees, farmers will have to find another source. Although there are other ways to pollinate crops the money that is used to research these new methods could be spent on saving the bees. If you look at it in a long-term perspective this strategy is more beneficial because bee pollination is already highly effective when it comes to the pollination of crops. More money is lost due to the decreasing number of bees because researchers have to spend money on new ways to artificially pollinate. With the combination of the money that is lost due to crops not being pollinated and the money that is spent on artificial pollination, billions of dollars are being wasted.

Agriculture is an important factor in our world because it is what provides us food and also creates jobs which is a foundation to our economy. Bees contribute greatly to this because they are the most efficient pollinators, that is why we need to save the bees!