Muny Ngigi, reporter

The online game Fortnight has taken the gaming world by storm. If you have the app Snapchat you’ve most likely seen the story of an animated character with “Victory Royale” written across the screen. Fortnight is a free online game available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Since late summer, Fortnight has been consuming teen’s lives across Minnesota. People enjoy playing with friends or by themselves. What people enjoy most about the game is the accomplishment of being the last person alive out of 100 people that started in the game. Another reason people like this game is because, unlike popular war games like Call of Duty, you must use strategy and skill to win the game. In Fortnight, all 100 players start in the battle bus that flies over the map. Each player has to drop off the bus and skydive down to the spot chosen on the map and search for loot.  

More male students at TG play Fortnight compared to females students. Junior Matt Kennedy tells us that “I think it’s fun but with finals, I haven’t been able to play it lately.” Matt tells us that he’s won 1 solo game and 1 team game.  Alex Holscher says he really enjoys the game and has 10 wins total.