Totino Grace Art Club

Kiley Burns, Contributor

Totino Grace is starting an Art Club, run by Kate Braun, the head of the Art Department. Art Club meets the first Wednesday of each month from  2:30-4:00 with provided supplies. People are welcome to come as much or as little as they please!

Along with Mrs. Braun, Art Club will be led by captains Abby Loegering, Belle Lewis, Erin Poepping, and Emma Hubbell. Students can sign up outside the art room and can choose what classes they want to attend.

From October 5th through May 3rd, there are many different classes to choose with different types of art in every class such as: monotype prints, marbled paper, accordion books, drawing animals, clay coil pots, wheel throwing, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting.

Senior Captain Emma Hubbell said, “Anyone, no matter what skill level can join art club. This is just for fun and is to help teach new ways of art, and bring students of the Totino Grace community together.”

It is designed for students with a passion for art, or kids who have never tried art and want to give it a shot! Art club is an opportunity for students to gather outside of their core classes and appreciate doing what they love together.

Sweatshirts are also being made for the club! Email Mrs.Braun at [email protected] for more information.