Athlete Profile: Alec Spevacek


Camille Lilleberg , Contributor

Senior baseball player Alec Spevacek has been playing baseball for Totino-Grace since freshman year of high school. Alec has played every level of baseball (freshmen-varsity) “Every level showed more talent which made it more competitive.”

Alec has been playing baseball ever since he was just a “wee lad” of 3 years old. His dad had him throwing a baseball and swinging a bat right when he was able to walk, and ever since then he has stuck with it and loved every second of the game.

Alec’s favorite part about playing baseball is pitching. “I love being on the mound and having control of the entire game.”

What makes baseball so enjoyable for senior Alec Spevacek is, “being able to go out to the field and shed blood, sweat, and tears with my bros makes my day that much better.” Something Alec will miss the most about the game and his “boys” is not seeing and playing with his best friends every day. “It’s going to be very different not being with them 3-4 hours every day.”

Some advice Alec would like to leave with all the students is, “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

As the season is slowly coming to an end Alec is savoring every last moment he has with his boys and will cherish the memories forever.