First Runner Up Goes to Totino-Grace Company of Singers

Wednesday, March 30 Company of Singers took off for Nashville, Tennessee. They started their 13 hour drive at 7 am Wednesday morning.

The first stop for Company was in Carmel, Indiana. The group rehearsed with the show choir from Carmel High School. Both Company and Carmel performed parts of their shows for each other. The director of the Carmel High School show choir, who is a TG graduate, gave the group some pointers and words of encouragement for the weekend. She told them that no matter how we do there are people all over the country that are so proud to be Company of Singer alums. She told them that Company represents what show choir is all about and everyone is so proud. Afterwards the group headed back to the hotel for the travel the following day.

Company then continued their trip for Nashville at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. With only a little over four and a half hours left everyone was getting excited. The group arrived around 2 o’clock p.m. and checked into the Opryland Hotel. Then the group got all dressed up and headed over to The Grand Ole Opry for the opening ceremony and the performances of the night.

The next morning, Company performed at 10:30 a.m. for prelims. This was a new experience for everyone in the group except Peter Morawczynski. Peter said his favorite part about performing here is, “Because it’s Nationals! Because the groups are from all over the country and because of the red velvet curtains!” Company was lined up on the sides with hearts pounding. 10:30 came and the curtains raised. Company then performed their show, looking out into the Opry seeing all the Company parents with their light up shirt and tears in their eyes, we all knew the performance was killer. After the performance they watched other group’s performances. The groups performing were unbelievable. Everyone there had clear choreography, amazing vocals, and high energy. The competition was high and when awards came around the group smiled, cried, and fell to our knees when we heard that we were third place going into finals.

The next day the groups performed in order from sixth place to first. Company performed at 10:30 a.m.. Everyone’s hearts were pounding, we were all so excited we got to perform our show one more time. The curtains were raised one last time and the music started. We performed the show one last time, and it went better than it had before. The parents were dancing along the whole time and once we hit our final pose the crowd immediately stood up screaming and cheering. Only two more groups were left to perform until we found out the results. Once they were done some awards went out to different individuals. Peter Morawczynski and Nate Louiselle were awarded best male performers. Finally, they started the placements. The fifth runner up and fourth runner up were called. When the third runner up was called everyone was so excited because we didn’t move down. Next was the second runner up. The school was called and it wasn’t us, we all knew that meant we moved up! “First runner up Totino Grace Company of Singers!” Everyone stood up and screamed at the top of their lungs. The Company of Singers have worked so hard for this competition and in the end it all paid off. We can all proudly say the Company of Singers got second place at Show Choir Nationals.